I like to support local, national, and international causes, although sometimes my support feels disconnected. I always feel like I can (and should) be doing more.

When I accidentally wrote The Good Deed, it made complete sense to donate profits to a specific organization, especially given the nature of the book. I’m not a parent but I am from a large family and I’m a proud aunt to some of the world’s best nieces and nephews. Because I’m so thankful for my siblings and their families, I chose to donate half of the proceeds to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Canada.

I wrote Farmer Zee (working title, coming soon) way before Kevin grew legs, but the timing wasn’t right. It's on its way, though, so when it's ready I'm looking to donate proceeds to an organization that supports inclusion and anti-racism. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you

“Why only 50%?” Simply put, I’m new at this publishing thing. It’s quite a process and there are many unknown elements to it. Writing and publishing costs both time and money. Hopefully when I’m well versed in publishing I’ll be able to answer that better and maybe even adjust the amounts.

Why support causes?